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More Help

Looking for more help?

Try asking questions to other users of JSCAD. We have a growing JSCAD User Group, and most questions are answered immediately by friends. You can also start some conversations on the JSCAD Discord channel, and discuss interactively with experienced users.

Also, try visiting the JSCAD Community site at GitHub. There are several projects from users, showing different ways to use JSCAD to create designs.

Not enough? Need some inspiration?

You can find other designs at Thingiverse. The following sites also contain designs of various sorts.

And there is a growing list of websites using JSCAD as a component to both create and show designs.

There are even applications that use JSCAD.

  • Rukkou - Interactive Designs by @samuelwang48, available in the AppStore
  • jscad-now - Interactive Viewer by @danmarshall, available via GitHub

You can find JSCAD wrapped inside some excellent libraries as well, which may provide some valuable insights on how to use JSCAD.