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JSCAD is an open source set of modular, browser and command line tools for creating parametric 2D and 3D designs with Javascript code. It provides a quick, precise and reproducible method for generating 3D models, and is especially useful for 3D printing applications.

Check out the Tutorials section for tips on getting started, and best practises.

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There are different 'flavors' of JSCAD that you can use based on your needs

  • For browser-based modelling (no install) simply go to https://openjscad.xyz/
  • For other usage options, the first step is to visit JSCAD on GitHub
    • Command line interface : can be found in ./packages/cli
    • Desktop app : pre-pre-alpha work in progress can be found at ./packages/desktop
    • For custom mix and match of packages, all the packages are available on NPM under the '@jscad' name




The various JSCAD packages and all source code are part of the JSCAD Organization, and maintained by a group of volunteers. We welcome and encourage anyone to pitch in but please take a moment to read the following guidelines.

  • If you want to submit a bug report please make sure to follow the Reporting Issues guide. Bug reports are accepted as Issues via GitHub.

  • If you want to submit a change or a patch, please read the Contributing Guide. New contributions are accepted as Pull Requests via GitHub.

  • We only accept bug reports and pull requests on GitHub.

  • If you have a question about how to use JSCAD, then please start a conversation at the JSCAD User Group. You might find the answer in the JSCAD User Guide.

  • If you have a change or new feature in mind, please start a conversation with the Core Developers and start contributing changes.

A BIG THANKS to all the people who have already contributed to the JSCAD project! Open Collective


The MIT License (MIT) (unless specified otherwise)

That's all for now,

The JSCAD Organization