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Linear Extrude

 Extrude Linear

Extrude a two dimensional shape in an upward linear direction.

The two dimensional shape is extruded to the height, upwards along the Z axis. The two dimensional shape is be rotated twistAngle about the Z axis during the extrusion, creating twistSteps during the extrusion.

Note: The two dimensional shape can be placed anywhere to create various twisted shapes.


  • height : 1
  • twist : 0
  • twistSteps : 1 (Note: Increasing the value of twistSteps improves the overall shape.)
const { extrudeLinear } = require('@jscad/modeling').extrusions
const myshape = extrudeLinear({height: radiusZ * 2}, shape1)
const myshape = extrudeLinear({height: radiusZ * 2, twistAngle: Math.PI / 2, twistSteps: 10}, shape2)