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Supported Language / File Formats

The following languages and file-formats are supported:

Format Ext Website In/Out Notes
JSCAD .js JSCAD based designs for 2D and 3D CAD models
AMF .amf Wikipedia: AMF (file format) Additive Manufacturing format for 3D objects
DXF .dxf DXF (file format) AutoCad Drawing Interchange format for 2D and 3D objects
JSON .json JSON (notation) JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format
OBJ .obj Wikipedia: OBJ (file format) Wavefront Geometry File format
STL .stl Wikipedia: STL (file format) STL format for the surface geometry of 3D objects
SVG .svg W3C SVG Standard Scalable Vector Graphics for 2D objects
X3D .x3d Web3D format for 3D objects

Note: JSCAD is written in JavaScript, as well as JSCAD designs. Therefore, files saved with the standard JavaScript file extention (.js) can also be imported as JSCAD designs.